This weekend I decided instead of getting candy for each other Keelia (my daughter) and I would show the little birds outside some love during these super cold days. Of course she still got a few trinket things that she can play with all year long so she was happy enough. First off, we went to the local Dollar Tree (the best store ever!!) where we got glitter, glue, pompoms, and stickers. The total cost for supplies was about $6 since i had most of the supplies at home already.

* Empty bottle (preferably 1 gal)
* Chopsticks or something for the birds to use as a perch
* glitter
* school glue (to mix with glitter)
* paint brushes (i forgot these so we ended up using Popsicle sticks)
* Whatever decorations you want (pompoms, stickers etc)
* shoestring or some kind of twine
* super/krazy glue (FOR ADULT USE ONLY)
* Utility knife (again... ADULT USE ONLY) 

So I'm going to attempt to make this craft go as quickly as possible for you and your wee one because as you can tell in one of these pictures I will post, she got bored. I must admit I set my standards on the Fun-O-Meter pretty high for this because it is my first blog. So do not be disappointed if it turns out that you are doing more (and having more fun) than the little one you are doing it with. BEFORE you tell your child you are doing a project... SET UP. I made the mistake of telling mine and she wanted to "help Mommy". Lets just say there is a glitter fiasco that i would rather not talk about.

Step one: set up the project. 
*Take the glitter and put however much you want into individual bowls (or if you want to go crazy mix them all into one). You can either use a little glue or a lot, it all depends on what you prefer. I put just enough glue in to cover the bottom and glitter and then stirred it. 
*Cut the openings for the birds and X's for where you want your bird perch's to go.
Step two: Decorate! (I was not about to give my two year old free reign of the permanent glue, this step required a TON of patience from both my daughter and myself. I give her a lot of credit because it must have been difficult to not nose dive into the bowl of pompoms.)
*I had her point to where she wanted the pompom and i put a dab of superglue there and she pushed the pom pom onto it. 
*Add stickers or any other decorations you want to use
*Paint on glitter glue!  
(By the glitter glue stage she had lost interest and was coloring in her FROZEN coloring book, so it became my project. Ha ha!)
After i painted on individual glitter colors i mixed them all together to paint other empty sections.
Looks like shes having a blast right?!
Step 3:  Finishing up!
*After you are finished decorating you can use your string or whatever you chose, in my case it was a shoelace, and tie it around the top.
*Hang the bird feeder in a place where it can dry overnight. (Make sure it is a place where glue can drip! Ours went in the basement to hang up over the laundry sink)
*In the morning you can attach your perches, fill 'er up and stick it outside!
I tried my best to crop out the cat, but it seems that whenever i pull my camera out and my little girl isn't around they just HAVE to be a part of what i'm doing!
I really hope that you have as much fun as me. Hopefully the wee one you are doing this with will have more interest in this project than mine did! 

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*Next blog will be posted Tuesday, Feb  16th, Thanks for reading!

    Hi everyone! My name is Caroline and I am a new work-at-home mom, whose jobs include: Being a mom, my craft business, and running the office of my boyfriend’s business. I have a beautiful two year old daughter who loves to explore, create and make messes, just like me! She will be involved with many of the activities I will be posting since we spend a lot of time together. 

If you couldn't tell by my Facebook page or website, I am “crafty by nature”. Besides promoting my craft business, I created this blog in the hopes that I can help raise awareness for the environment (yes my business name has dual meanings) and save families money by not wasting it on throw away products.

I have always wanted to make things myself. I especially love sewing. I really enjoy eyeing up mass-produced products and making my own version, tweaking the design to make it work better for me. Please feel free to contact me about anything you see here because chances are.. IT’S FOR SALE!

I am new to this (signed up today!) and am very excited as I start my new adventure. If there is something you would like me to do and blog about, I’m more than willing to take suggestions. I know that a lot of projects seem like a great idea at first, but end up not working out for many different reasons. I’d love to tackle some of these projects and give some ideas.

Since this is my intro blog I don't have a project, but will be up and running next week!
I look forward to hearing from you!

Caroline Rose


    Caroline Rose

    I am a work-at-home mom! I love using my craft skills to come up with ways to better not only my budget but also help the environment. It is my goal here to help anyone who wants to be able to stay at home with their family or even just help the environment to do so! I will be posting things like activities you can do with your little one (or as a family), my hand sewn projects, dinner ideas and even homemade versions (ones i have tried anyways)!

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