This post will lack my normal amount of pictures, mainly because my hands were very dirty and i didn't want to get it all over my phone. This idea and the supplies was given to me by my mom (Julie). Thanks mom!
Step one: gather your supplies
* pot
*landscaping cloth
*zip ties

Step two: fill the pot with dirt, measure your fencing and zip tie the ends together (it is best if the ends overlap each other)

*my fence was bendy enough so I did not need zip ties i just bent the metal around to hold it together

Step three: set the fence cylinder on the dirt and push it down into the pot a few inches.

Step four: line the fence with landscaping cloth and then fill it with dirt!

After you do this what you want to plant in the tower depends on what you do next. I have decided I am going to be planting flowers so i will plant some on the top and in where the dirt is showing between the pot and fence. After i get the flowers I will be cutting X's in each rectangle of the fence and put one plant in each.



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Crafty By Nature
04/18/2016 4:44pm

Agreed! This is my first year ever having a garden, so I am very excited for people to be able to appreciate it.

12/14/2016 3:25am

That’s a nice idea! This is really interesting. I’m going to apply that in my backyard. It’ll add a different perspective in my landscape. What kind of flower are you going to plant in the tower? Wouldn’t it be too crowded if you’re going to fill all squares of it?

05/06/2017 12:41pm

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04/18/2016 9:12am

Now you'll have to decide what kind of flowers to plant! Wave petunias would be nice for full/part son. Sweet alyssum of lobelia could be thrown in too!

05/20/2016 5:37am

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When we have the opportunity to share what we know with others, I believe it is a good opportunity for us to go down in history. This blogger got this great idea from his mom Julie. See? Now we all know Julie’s name. That being said, I think that is a great craftsmanship. Well done, man. I believe everyone can follow the really simple steps to get one or more of this flower towers. Thanks for sharing.

11/12/2016 12:54am

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06/14/2017 5:41am

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