Today seems to be an age of instant gratification. You see so many places out there that cash your checks BEFORE payday and rent-a-centers where you can rent furniture or other household appliances. To me all of this is wasteful. Last week I wrote about ways to make money from home. While that is fine and dandy, let's be honest, making extra money for an already tight budget may just not be good enough. It could be cutting something out you didn't realize you didn't need or replacing it with a homemade version.

Get it used
There are so many different places you can get cheap items from here are a few of my favorites:

* Local Facebook garage sale sites (I may be paranoid but please bring someone with for exchanges!)  
*Thrift stores (check for sale days!)
*Craigslist (again, I may be a little paranoid but ALWAYS bring someone with you)
*Your own Facebook page! (it may seem strange, but if you need something just ask because someone you know    may have it!)

Go without
I know, I know. How could you EVER live without                . Look at what it is you are wanting/missing and ask yourself these questions:

*Did I go without this before?
*Is it a need or a want?
*How much will it cost (and keep costing)?
*Is it good for me/us?
*Is there an alternative?

I had this issue today while standing in the store with my friend Chasity. She was ahead of me in line and I was stuck behind her staring at the snacks at the register. I saw my weakness (Funyuns) and thought "OOOH those look so good!" I almost grabbed them with my reasoning being they were only $1.29 (or so) and that I was hungry. Realizing that I didn't NEED them was easy to see, but it was very difficult to not get them anyways. 

For the example I want to use, let's say it's TV service:
*Q. Did i go without this before?
 A. Chances are yes you have. there are other alternatives to TV (streaming and places like Netflix or Hulu)

*Q. Is this a need or a want?
 A. This is completely up to you but as for me TV is a want. (the time i'm on the TV I could be blogging, crafting,      cleaning, exercising, laying with my daughter... the list goes on and on)

* Q. How much will it cost and will it cost me over and over?
 A.Figure out the initial cost and if it is a one time thing and you are willing to pay it then go for it. As for something like TV you have to pay monthly. I cannot see why i should spend say $40/ month to sit on my behind, eat food and not pay attention to my life. 

*Q. Is it good for me/us?
A. For me it is a no. While I am watching TV, I am not exercising and I am eating. Sometimes I even find myself on my phone. Why in the world should I even be wasting the electricity to watch TV if I am not paying attention?! I save TV for before bed to help me unwind.

*Q. Is there an alternative?
A. So instead of paying say $40 to $120/month for TV look into alternatives like
-Streaming (aka FREE...well, with SOME advertising)
-Netflix the highest plan being about $13/mo
-Hulu with the pricing being about the same
-Don't forget about a decent Antenna, you can spend $40 to $60 dollars ONCE, and get all your local network shows, a lot of sports, and news for almost FREE!
Even if you get both of those you are coming out paying about$30/month and your shows are there so you don't have to worry about missing them! (Go out and live your life!)

Please, do not scroll past this section. Yes, there are some crazy couponing, stockpiling people out there. They are addicted to finding an amazing deal and not passing it up no matter what. you can still coupon and save A LOT of money and not be like that. Go to your family, friends, neighbors or anyone else you know who gets the Sunday paper and ask for their coupons when they are done. I currently get between 3 and 5 sets of coupons from different family members. (Thank you Grandma, Aunt Cookie, Mom, Vince and Barb!) You would be surprised at how many people throw them away. (If interested please comment below and I will do another post about how to effectively coupon) 

DIY! (My favorite hobby!)
I try to do projects that better my home/lifestyle in some way:
*laundry soap (for people in the area I sell this)
*body wash (this too!)
*un-paper towels (I sell these in my items for sale tab)
*un-sponges (these too!)
*wet mop refill cartridges
I could go on and on forever about all of these different money saving projects but I will stop for now and leave this for another post. Try to find things around your house you spend a lot of money on and comment them below. 

Here is a challenge, I want you to go through your life and come up with all of the things you spend money on that you don't want/have to, add up your groceries etc. See how much you spend? Do you think there is a possibility that it could be cut down? This is just the beginning of a few months of different things you can make at home yourself to save a bundle. Now seriously, add up your budget because after you do these projects it will make you feel a lot better about how much you are saving. 

Now in the spirit of this post it is time for me to go watch some streamed TV. (Yay free TV.!!) 


Susan milligan
03/01/2016 10:01am

Always happy to find another way to save some $. Save all that money from " little" wants and use it toward something more important -

Nikki Boyd
03/01/2016 10:36am

I've found that shopping at Aldi saves just as much money as couponing, and I don't end up buying things I don't need or know how to use because typically coupons are a way for companies to advertise their newer products, and they can be pretty strange sometimes lol. But yeah, Aldi is awesome and you cannot beat their prices.
Don't forget that you can rent movies from the local library too, and redbox is super cheap with newer movies for those who don't even want to commit to Netflix or Hulu. I have an entire board on Pinterest called "cheap meals" if you're interested. It has helped me save $ and I've had fun making new things in the process. Meal planning is a huge money saver for us. We don't end up eating McDonald's or whatever else when I'm actively planning meals, and that saves a ton of money AND sanity for me. I enjoy sitting down and thinking through different meals while scouring my Pinterest and recipe books, it's pretty fun. Shopping at Aldi for a family of 3 adults and one child (grandpa lives with us) I've been spending roughly $200 a month by shopping at Aldi and using my "cheap meals" 😉

Crafty by Nature
03/01/2016 5:57pm

Thanks Nikki! i have heard about the other things you suggested and i keep meaning to do them, so maybe i will have to try them soon so i can add them to the list! :)
@susan, I'm happy you got something from this post!

04/05/2016 4:28am

Thanks for updating about coupons.

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07/30/2016 4:20am

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11/16/2016 9:10pm

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04/26/2017 6:39pm

Thank you! i will be up and running with more posts soon!


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