Step one: pull out the drawers

* I felt bad throwing away/ burning perfectly good drawers, so instead I slid them under K's bed for extra storage space!

Step two: unscrew the drawer track and bust out the interior 

*I left the back support because I wasn't sure if it would mess with the structure or not... plus K can set little things on them like a shelf.

Step three: finish the interior 
*paint, stain, wallpaper etc
*add hooks
Now this step will vary from person to person depending on how you want it to look. I stained the wood on the inside and added our old push up bar (because let's be honest... this girl doesn't do push-ups) I toyed with stapling fabric or painting... but this seemed to be the easiest. I also chose not to put a bottom on it because if I know my daughter she will be climbing in it ASAP.

Here is the almost finished product! I am still on the hunt for a smallish rectangle mirror to attach to the outside of the closet but until then it's done!

I am REALLY excited for her to see it!! :D 



03/29/2016 9:49am

Nice! When she gets older, you can even let her put stickers in or on it. I had an old dresser that my Mom let me cover up with stickers.

Crafty by Nature
03/29/2016 5:11pm

That's the plan! Today I also decided to get a spring loaded curtain rod and make a little curtain for it.

06/22/2017 4:07pm

This is a good idea! I like how convenient it is because you will be able to put a lot of clothes in it. It is a simple DIY project so many people will be able to do this without any hassle at all. I find other DIY projects about drawers and cabinets a very hard DIY project because of the complicated process it takes before being able to finish it. And even if I had finished the project, it doesn't come out as beautifully as I thought it would be. I would definitely try this out since I've been looking for a convenient DIY project. Thanks!

12/16/2016 4:01am

Thanks for posting this manual. It's such a great idea transforming a drawer into a very useful closet. I will do this one for my unused extra clothes that are just piled on the floor. I hope you could give instructions on how to design it as well. I often visit your site and I hope you could post more ideas like this.

03/30/2016 6:17am

Kids love to play dress up. It's so cool that she have her own spot for all her dress up stuff. Encourages imagination and role playing.

11/30/2016 9:36pm

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01/04/2017 10:38pm

I have the similar dress up closet) And it's very cool to use it!

03/16/2017 5:06am

A little improvement and you don't need to buy a new dress up closet! Amazing!

03/28/2017 1:23am

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06/22/2017 4:03pm

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05/20/2017 11:26pm

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