Hi everyone! My name is Caroline and I am a new work-at-home mom, whose jobs include: Being a mom, my craft business, and running the office of my boyfriend’s business. I have a beautiful two year old daughter who loves to explore, create and make messes, just like me! She will be involved with many of the activities I will be posting since we spend a lot of time together. 

If you couldn't tell by my Facebook page or website, I am “crafty by nature”. Besides promoting my craft business, I created this blog in the hopes that I can help raise awareness for the environment (yes my business name has dual meanings) and save families money by not wasting it on throw away products.

I have always wanted to make things myself. I especially love sewing. I really enjoy eyeing up mass-produced products and making my own version, tweaking the design to make it work better for me. Please feel free to contact me about anything you see here because chances are.. IT’S FOR SALE!

I am new to this (signed up today!) and am very excited as I start my new adventure. If there is something you would like me to do and blog about, I’m more than willing to take suggestions. I know that a lot of projects seem like a great idea at first, but end up not working out for many different reasons. I’d love to tackle some of these projects and give some ideas.

Since this is my intro blog I don't have a project, but will be up and running next week!
I look forward to hearing from you!

Caroline Rose



02/03/2016 5:26pm

I remember seeing somewhere a craft project which combined a gently used bath towel with leftover material from another project, to create a bath mat. Maybe you could try that at some point

02/05/2016 10:44am

Thanks for the suggestion! I will have to come up with a "give your bathroom a new look" concept and have that as a part of it!

05/22/2016 5:09am

The designing of the bathroom can be done by your own personal preference. But if you need the suggestions, then you should do the Japanese beach dies for dying your towels. Their patterns look so great and only the few guys know who to make things like this one.

07/13/2016 5:46am

Good Post, I am a big believer in posting comments on sites to let the blog writers know that they’ve added something advantageous to the world wide web!

09/16/2016 1:16am

Good luck with your business! I hope it will be extremely successful.


Welcome to the world of blogs, Caroline! i know this is a whole new world for you, but I'm telling you this is going to be a fun place for you. Blogging has been one of my favorite hobbies, because I feel that it feeds my mind, specially my soul. There's a certain happiness that it gives me. I hope you find a right amount of happiness here too!

03/16/2017 5:04am

It is so nice to be here. I have heard a lot about you and your amazing blog!


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    Caroline Rose

    I am a work-at-home mom! I love using my craft skills to come up with ways to better not only my budget but also help the environment. It is my goal here to help anyone who wants to be able to stay at home with their family or even just help the environment to do so! I will be posting things like activities you can do with your little one (or as a family), my hand sewn projects, dinner ideas and even homemade versions (ones i have tried anyways)!

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