This weekend I decided instead of getting candy for each other Keelia (my daughter) and I would show the little birds outside some love during these super cold days. Of course she still got a few trinket things that she can play with all year long so she was happy enough. First off, we went to the local Dollar Tree (the best store ever!!) where we got glitter, glue, pompoms, and stickers. The total cost for supplies was about $6 since i had most of the supplies at home already.

* Empty bottle (preferably 1 gal)
* Chopsticks or something for the birds to use as a perch
* glitter
* school glue (to mix with glitter)
* paint brushes (i forgot these so we ended up using Popsicle sticks)
* Whatever decorations you want (pompoms, stickers etc)
* shoestring or some kind of twine
* super/krazy glue (FOR ADULT USE ONLY)
* Utility knife (again... ADULT USE ONLY) 

So I'm going to attempt to make this craft go as quickly as possible for you and your wee one because as you can tell in one of these pictures I will post, she got bored. I must admit I set my standards on the Fun-O-Meter pretty high for this because it is my first blog. So do not be disappointed if it turns out that you are doing more (and having more fun) than the little one you are doing it with. BEFORE you tell your child you are doing a project... SET UP. I made the mistake of telling mine and she wanted to "help Mommy". Lets just say there is a glitter fiasco that i would rather not talk about.

Step one: set up the project. 
*Take the glitter and put however much you want into individual bowls (or if you want to go crazy mix them all into one). You can either use a little glue or a lot, it all depends on what you prefer. I put just enough glue in to cover the bottom and glitter and then stirred it. 
*Cut the openings for the birds and X's for where you want your bird perch's to go.
Step two: Decorate! (I was not about to give my two year old free reign of the permanent glue, this step required a TON of patience from both my daughter and myself. I give her a lot of credit because it must have been difficult to not nose dive into the bowl of pompoms.)
*I had her point to where she wanted the pompom and i put a dab of superglue there and she pushed the pom pom onto it. 
*Add stickers or any other decorations you want to use
*Paint on glitter glue!  
(By the glitter glue stage she had lost interest and was coloring in her FROZEN coloring book, so it became my project. Ha ha!)
After i painted on individual glitter colors i mixed them all together to paint other empty sections.
Looks like shes having a blast right?!
Step 3:  Finishing up!
*After you are finished decorating you can use your string or whatever you chose, in my case it was a shoelace, and tie it around the top.
*Hang the bird feeder in a place where it can dry overnight. (Make sure it is a place where glue can drip! Ours went in the basement to hang up over the laundry sink)
*In the morning you can attach your perches, fill 'er up and stick it outside!
I tried my best to crop out the cat, but it seems that whenever i pull my camera out and my little girl isn't around they just HAVE to be a part of what i'm doing!
I really hope that you have as much fun as me. Hopefully the wee one you are doing this with will have more interest in this project than mine did! 

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*Next blog will be posted Tuesday, Feb  16th, Thanks for reading!



Aunt Cookie
02/09/2016 10:35am

Loved you post. Very entertaining and informative. Good luck on your new venture.

Crafty by Nature
02/09/2016 11:50am

Thank you! :)


I'm literally laughing out loud by your photobomber cat. Maybe she just wants some love and attention. Anyway, This is a really good project. At a young age, you're already teaching your child to care about the animals and the environment. That's a value that most of us lack or forget. This is a nice mother and daughter activity for the both of you, too. The bottle bird feeder turned out good and adorable.

01/21/2017 4:31am

This is such a beautiful article ever and so happy to learn new things here. I would be so happy doing this at home while bonding with my beautiful daughter. I am very sure she will be very excited to work on this one with her supportive mom. I remember when I was younger and my mother use to teach us and doing things more with me and my sister, for us to learn and be independent. It is doing things creatively and having fun with the family. Will definitely share this to my family and friends as well.


This is a good article. teaching how to make a bird cage by some plastic bottles and materials that can help to make a cheap bird cage. This will be help us recycle large bottles that can't use anymore. Make them more useful again in any other things like this one.

02/09/2016 1:58pm

Very nice! How big should the holes for the birds be & how many?


I'm pretty sure babies will love it. This product is very amazing and it boosts the kid's creativity. This is perfect for kids from 1 to 4 years of age. This is suited for them because in these ages, they are in their developing stage. I will buy this product for my baby.

Crafty by Nature
02/09/2016 2:13pm

@ Vince My holes were about 4"X4". I would put at least two but depending on the size of the container you use you could put as many as you want

Sue M
02/09/2016 4:05pm

What a fun project for kids up to 10 years old. Can't wait to see what you put on next.

Crafty by Nature
02/10/2016 3:23pm

@Sue Thank you!

02/16/2016 7:11am

That's really cute! You could probably even decorate the outside of the bottle with edibles like Cheerios or Fruit Loops if you don't have pompoms!

03/02/2016 5:25am

I like this post,love....thanks you....

07/19/2016 2:42am

The method is not difficult to follow but I do not have all the supplies right now otherwise I would have made one right now. I love searching and trying these crafty ideas all the time. I have been following your crafts method and find it amazing.

08/17/2016 2:07pm

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