This week I decided to dive into a home decor project. I was a given a few small “pallets”. I scoured the internet (mainly Pinterest) and found a fantastic coffee mug rack. In the spirit of making it my own I did not click on the link for the directions and figured it out on my own.

Step 1: Acquire or make your Pallet 

Finding a pallet can be easy if you know where to look. I would suggest looking on a Facebook garage sale page or you can try asking around at local stores. Make sure you try local instead of big box because, big box stores are more apt to reuse their pallets to save money. I got my pallet from my dad so it didn't cost anything... Thanks dad!
Step 2: Prep your pallet
*sand your pallet so it's nice and smooth
*stain it (let dry overnight after desired amount of coats)
I was kind of nervous about the second part because I have not made an attempt at staining in my adult life thus far. I have previously done it but it was my moms garden fence and let's be honest...that's A LOT of fence for a young adult to stain on their own...this was a much less daunting task and far more enjoyable.

Step 3: This is where you would add your cute words you want like "coffee" or "tea" but, I chose to have more hooks than cuteness because I have a coffee mug problem. I did, however, force my boyfriend to take a picture with me of us "sipping" out of our favorite mugs, which I then had him print out and I out in a frame. I plan on hanging this in the big hole in the middle of the rack. (Did I mention how awesome he is for putting up with all of my nonsense?)
Step 4: Add hooks
*self explanatory right? 
I had to ask for help with this one because apparently, my twiggle arms cannot put 12 hooks in by myself. So, a big thank you to my friend Allen and boyfriend Chris for helping me out in this department.
This is my friend Allen, I greatly appreciate your help Allen!! :D

Here is the final picture! 2/25/16


02/16/2016 9:01am

Cup rack is a great way to display all those unique mugs we all collect. Very functional, too


This is actually a good idea. Mugs take up a lot of space in my kitchen and I have a lot of them. I love coffee so it's not surprising why I have a lot of mugs. However I'm not so sure if I could do this myself. I would definitely need some assistance. Thanks for sharing this awesome DIY. I'll try it out next time. Have a nice day!

02/15/2017 2:11am

Oh, it’s so lovely and creatively done cup rack. You’ve only seen that through pinterest? Well, that’s a great DIY find. Would you mind if I suggest something? It would look better if the color of the palettes were black or dark brown. It’s to emphasize the character of each cup. Overall, it’s a perfect frame to your center frame.

Crafty By Nature
04/26/2017 6:46pm

Thank you! :) this was a pallet from a generator a family member bought so i did not have to "build" it myself which was very helpful

Vincent Mutchler
02/24/2016 10:28am

Very nice use of those pallets. Super creative.

04/26/2016 3:07am

Your guidance will be used to make a mug rack easily and quickly. This mug rack seems to be like an decorative wall hanging. I'm going to garnish my kitchen wall with this mug rack.

05/16/2016 12:09am

I have perused numerous essay writing services for looking for innovative undertaking. I cherish innovative things and appreciate this fun. Your direction will be utilized to make a mug rack effectively and rapidly. This mug rack is by all accounts like a brightening inside decoration. I'm going to decorate my kitchen divider with this mug rack.

05/20/2016 5:05am

I do appreciate this creativity. Not only the rack the printed mug also looks beautiful and I think we can print our own customized photos in it. I am much inspired and will try to make a mug rack of my own.

Crafty By Nature
04/26/2017 6:48pm

Thank you! I hope you were successful!

09/15/2016 11:15pm

Thank you for this interesting post! I like your coffee mug rack. It looks like an easy and fun little construction project that I can easily accomplish. I already have a lot of mugs at home and I'm now looking for a new place to place them. Glad I came across this article. Thank you very much!

Crafty By Nature
04/26/2017 6:49pm

Thank you! I am glad that you liked it an hope you were successful!


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